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151 photos - 159 pages.
A collection of a "Confidential" photographic work, limited edition, signed, dated and numbered.      
                - SOLD OUT -

130 photos - 158 pages.

A unique concept and a superb selection of fine art photographies in this exclusive coffee table book. A limited edition, signed, dated & numbered. - SOLD OUT -

280 photos - 288 pages.

Six months in one of the largest game reserves in Africa, two cyclones, three tropical storms, conditions which sometimes threatened survival.
Throughout these 288 pages, the author has selected the most beautiful photographs from the thirteen thousand he brought back from his journey. He gives a daily account for each one to create an intimate travel diary.                  - SOLD OUT -

175 photos - 174 pages.

Using the natural rhythm of one day's duration, this book tempts you to discover the surprisingly prolific fauna and flora, contained within the superb landscapes of one of the hottest and largest deserts in the world. - SOLD OUT -

16 photos - 115 pages.

Using a sequence of texts, the author guides us by means of carefully chosen walks designed to enhance our knowledge of the fabulous riches of this magnificent high mountain territory. Its minerals, flora, fauna and human inhabitants are all revealed. - SOLD OUT -

110 photos - 144 pages.

A realistic and passionate testimony revealing the inner life of the mountains through the length of four seasons. Every species is captured in motion revealing their beautiful shapes and colours in the midst of breathtaking landscapes.       - SOLD OUT -


... Whilst the adult badger continued his wanderings with nose to ground level, the one year old fox had a more suspicious attitude and trotted across the glaze hastely, only casting one glance at my direction before disappearing into the forest...


I have been in the forest already several hours, busy photographing a group of Red Colobus - highly endangered species. I was lucky that these monkeys descended to my level for a rest and to digest their meal of leaves. There they were, all around, lying on the surrounding branches, in twos, in threes. The atmosphere was peaceful. I move back discretly to expand my framing. After several minutes, in "motionless action", I felt on my shoulder a gentle, short pressure ... I deliberately ignored it! But at the fourth time, keeping my compose, I turned calmly and found myself face to face with this young she-monkey. Our glances met, sweet and intense. However, I continued to focus on my photo shoot with the other older members of the group, ignoring all her repeated gestures. Then I felt again the pressure of her hand... a bit more insistente but still soft. So, I turned around and offered mine to her ... without touching her. And then! She took my forefinger with her right hand and put her two feet on either side of mine. She was surprised, inquisitive but also very observant... She was trying to understand. The time had stopped. A deep feeling took hold of me ... There was a magical moment of great tenderness between her and me, engraved forever on my memory. We were in unison!


From Namib Desert to Victoria Falls .... A wonderful safari amidst breathtaking sceneries. The richness of wildlife and human encounters was a wonder of every moment. This trip of 8000 kilometers, made me rediscover the bush of my childhood ... The one where, alone with my mug of coffee, my feet in the water, I was able to enjoy the company of 700 elephants. Or sitting under the shade of a "Jackalberry" tree on the banks of the Okavango river, I spent hours observing the carousel of different species of animals coming to drink and to feast on fresh grass from the edge of the areic river, without beeing disturbed by a single human soul . Not to mention, the large and small fauna of the Namib Desert and its secretive tribes, all having to go up partially shaded meanders of multi dry river beds, for their survival... The most concentrated beauty that only Africa can offer.