Out of Safari


From Namib Desert to Victoria Falls .... A wonderful safari amidst breathtaking sceneries. The richness of wildlife and human encounters was a wonder of every moment. This trip of 8000 kilometers, made me rediscover the bush of my childhood ... The one where, alone with my mug of coffee, my feet in the water, I was able to enjoy the company of 700 elephants. Or sitting under the shade of a "Jackalberry" tree on the banks of the Okavango river, I spent hours observing the carousel of different species of animals coming to drink and to feast on fresh grass from the edge of the areic river, without beeing disturbed by a single human soul . Not to mention, the large and small fauna of the Namib Desert and its secretive tribes, all having to go up partially shaded meanders of multi dry river beds, for their survival... The most concentrated beauty that only Africa can offer.

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